Our story

In 2009, we formed a research company to invent and implement a vacuum-based dehydration process for plant materials. Fast forward nine years later, when we conducted a successful pilot of our process for a tier-one, licensed cannabis producer—a Canadian LP with global reach.

The successful pilot was quickly followed by the sale of our first license to the same LP. We installed a Kraken system at one of their facilities, and have since sold multiple licenses for use of our innovative systems. We continue to be a catalyst for efficiency among Licensed Producers worldwide.

Our team

Our diverse and dedicated team is made up of experts in science, engineering, customer service and skilled
trades. We work together to provide our valued clients with innovative technologies and remarkable support.

45+ years

Skilled Trades

65+ years

Customer Service

85+ years


120+ years


Dhydra aims to set the new industry standard for cannabis drying technology.

Why partner with us?

The Dhydra Difference

The drying and curing process shouldn’t diminish your plants. It should enhance your operations. With that in mind, we are committed to the following:


We’ll help you dry large amounts of flower and trim waste, faster.


We’ll preserve the vital compounds in your unique strains.


We’ll provide hands-on support you can depend on.

Impact on your ROI.

We don’t just talk about revolutionary results, we help you achieve them. By answering the questions below, you’ll get a sense of how our technology will impact your operations. If you’d like to learn more, simply reach out.

How many square feet in your facility are devoted to drying and curing your product?

Compare that to the small 500 sq ft footprint needed for our Kraken60. You can repurpose the extra area needed for your drying and curing to grow additional crops and generate more revenue.

How long does it take to dry and cure your harvest?

The Kraken60 dries 150 lbs of wet product per hour and eliminates the need for curing. This shaves days and weeks off your production cycle, allowing you to produce additional crops. Again, increasing your revenue potential.

How many hours do your employees devote to the drying and curing process?

The Kraken60 can be operated by two (or fewer) staff members. The cost savings will be significant, and your ROI can be realized within a few crop cycles.